Landscape Design Services

Landscape Design

We work on all types of external spaces. The most valuable contribution is made at the first stage of a project; listening to the clients brief. Ideas are generated with a creative flair in the design, technical understanding, organization, circulation and use of spaces.

Landscape Design Work is undertaken in the following areas:

  • Commercial / Retail and Industrial Projects: Business parks, Industrial sites, Office Spaces, Mixed Use Developments.
  • Residential and Urban Projects: Residential Open Spaces, Streetscapes, Playgrounds, Roof Gardens.
  • Public Parks: Passive and active recreation facilities to public open spaces.
  • Road Design Projects: Tender and Detail Design of Motorways and National Roads.
  • Garden Design Projects: gardens and private spaces of all types and sizes.

Landscape Planning

Landscape Planning Services are offered to all projects seeking to obtain planning permission from local authorities. Whether the project is a ‘one-off’ housing development or a large scale residential/commercial or industrial development, we provide the landscape design services to bring your project through the planning process. Over the last 16 years we have developed a good consulting relationship with the Parks Departments and Local Authorities in Dublin and the surrounding counties thus enabling us to address with ease the landscape issues of your project.