Landscape Design Process

On all projects, we follow a systematic approach to the design process which is outlined below:

  • Concept Design: This involves the development of preliminary and conceptual landscape designs. The concept plan stablishes the general concept of the design and discusses a broad cost estimate.
  • Detail Design: Resolves details of the major design issues and provides cost predictions calculated using this detailed information.
  • Construction Documentation: Landscape Plans, Planting Plans, Hard Landscape Plans, Construction Details, Bills of Quantities and Specifications.
  • Construction Supervision: Provides ongoing supervision of the various phases of your project, including contracts, progress payments, monitoring of construction works, variations and changes, observation for possible defects and liabilities.



In recent years, three dimensional (3D) visualization has become a powerful tool to demonstrate a project’s vision. We incorporate the 3D effects so our clients have the benefit of visualizing the potential realization of their landscaping project. Throughout the landscape design process, 3D renderings become necessary as a communication medium between the designer and client.


We take great pride in our graphic capabilities. We are proficient in hand graphics as well as numerous types of computer software applications. Our rendered plans and 3-dimensional perspectives help paint the picture of our client’s vision.